Brown Bag Surpize!

Brown Bag Surpize!

Making the community better from within, one brown bag lunch at a time.

Only 21 Spots Remaining

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Supplying Fresh Food and Better Mondays. One Brown Bag Lunch at a Time.

Remember when you were a kid, and life was just easy? When all you really had to do was play, and you didn’t have to work. Remember when Mondays didn’t suck? Welcome to Brown Bag Surpize. (We totally remember.)

5 Star Experience

Old-school favorites meet gourmet flavors under the hands of Chef Nate, classically-trained culinary expert (titles are a bore; his food is not). His weekly menus are a blend of creativity and Farmers Market availability.

Eco Quantity

We choose to offer a limited supply of weekly lunches for one simple reason: No left overs, no waste. Period. (A.K.A. Showing our environment some damn respect).

Farm to Table Organics

We communicate and work with local farms to bring you the very best, fresh, organic, locally-produced quality that we possibly can. You can trust what we’re delivering.

This Week's Word Scramble Clue is: Bananas